Graduate Student Representative (2021-present)

Latin American Studies Association (LASA): I help coordinate events, programs, and workshops related to Central American Studies within the Latin American Studies Association before and during the annual conference.

  • Elected Appointments: Executive Committee (2022-Present); Central American Studies Section (2021-Present)

Co-Founder & Graduate Student Member (2019-2020)

Central American Isthmus Graduate Association (CAIGA), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

I helped recruit graduate students whose research interests focus on Central America across departments at UCLA. I also organized events, workshops, and programs to bring visibility to Central American Studies at UCLA.

Co-Founder & Graduate Student Co-Chair (2018-2020)

Central American Studies Working Group, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

I facilitated meetings with Central American faculty and graduate students, as well as helped organize workshops, job talks, panels, and film screenings related to Central American issues and scholarship.


Advisor (2022-present)

Teaching Central America: A Project of Teaching for Change,

I advise the project coordinators on potential teaching resources for students K-12 as well as college-level material.

Lead Organizer & Digital Organizer – Education Department (2015 –2017)                                                                                    

Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) – Los Angeles, CA

As lead organizer, I executed and supervised the implementation of CARECEN’s organizing and education work plan, which prioritized projects and educational campaigns that have to do with immigrant rights, refugee rights, education reform, and worker rights. As digital organizer, I redesigned and managed CARECEN’s new website using Nation Builder, a web management platform that doubles as an online community organizing tool and database. My primary role was to not only manage the website, but also to train CARECEN organizers to use online organizing tools, as well as to update and maintain CARECEN’s social media and online profiles to maximize its presence and community involvement online.

Database and Communications Coordinator (2013-2014)

Equal Voice for Southern California Families Alliance (EVSCF) – Los Angeles, CA

I created and managed EVSCF’s membership database, which represented an alliance of 18 community-based non-profit organizations in Southern California united in a mission to fight for economic justice for working-class families. I also managed and maintained EVSCF’s website, communications, and social media platforms.

Region 6 (Nursing Homes) Union Organizer (2013)

SEIU (Service Employee International Union) ULTCW (United Long-Term Care Workers), Local 6434 – Los Angeles, CA

My tasks included reading and analyzing union contracts, doing facility visits to talk to and recruit workers to join the union, as well as complete house calls and phone-banking for upcoming events and worker training seminars. I also contributed to the 2013 Dignity Conference, an event organized to bring together all nursing home workers to push forward the ULTCW’s Dignity Campaign, an initiative aimed at providing better quality care, life, and jobs for all union members.

Statewide Coordinator – Central Coordinating Committee (2010-2012)

Unión Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (USEU) – California

I served as the statewide coordinator of the largest organization representing Salvadoran university students in the United States, including chapters at 11 different campuses across the state of California. My responsibilities included the establishment of the statewide structure, the coordination between the established chapters and the expansion of organization throughout the state. Apart from assisting in officially establishing USEU at my home university, I also helped in the establishment of the chapter at UC Davis.  I was also responsible for the execution of statewide projects, such as USEU’s annual high school college fair, electoral delegations, statewide retreats, annual conferences and the summer abroad exchange program with the National University of El Salvador. I also served as a representative of the organization to institutions of the Salvadoran government and community coalitions.

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