Advisor/Mentor (2020-2021)

Testimonios of Family Separation: A Participatory Oral History Archive, City University of New York (CUNY)

I provided feedback on best practices in methods and approaches to conducting oral histories, particularly pertaining to working with refugee populations and Central American communities. I also trained 5 undergraduate students on methods in oral history so that they could help collect interviews for the archive.

Co-Founder & Mentor (2019-2020)

Central American Isthmus Graduate Association (CAIGA), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

I helped recruit and mentor graduate students whose research interests focus on Central America across departments at UCLA. I also organized events, workshops, and programs to bring visibility to Central American Studies at UCLA.

Co-Founder & Co-Chair/Mentor (2018-2020)

Central American Studies Working Group, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

I facilitated meetings with Central American faculty and graduate students, as well as helped organize workshops, job talks, panels, and film screenings related to Central American issues and scholarship.

Co-Founder, Mentor, and Education Coordinator (2018-2020)

Unión Centroamericana (UNICA), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

I advised and mentored undergraduate students. I also organized and facilitated various workshops that exposed students to the social history of Central America, as well as contemporary topics relevant to the Central American diaspora.

Founder and Graduate Mentor (2010-2016)

Nueva Conciencia, Graduate Mentorship Program

I founded and mentored Central American undergraduate and graduate students. I sent out calls for papers that fulfilled Nueva Conciencia’s mission to increase research on Central American communities to bridge the gap between academia and the greater community. I also organized workshops that focused on demystifying the graduate school application process with faculty mentors Dr. Steven Osuna and Dr. Leisy Abrego.