d3e5d1a2-046c-4ce6-84c7-2511f97d9a7bMy name is Jennifer A. Cárcamo, and I am a queer scholar, filmmaker, writer, and organizer. My primary research interests focus on the social movement history of Central America, including its diaspora. I hope to someday teach Central American social history, as well as to continue to produce historical documentaries that uplift the stories of Central American peoples across race, class, and gender.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I am the proud daughter of Salvadoran migrant/refugee parents. I am currently a PhD Candidate in UCLA’s History Department (Field: Latin America*). My first documentary Children of the Diaspora: For Peace and Democracy (2013) can be viewed for free at  https://childrenofthediaspora.com/. I also recently released my second documentary Eternos Indocumentados: Central American Refugees in the U.S. (2019), which can be viewed online at https://www.eternosindocumentados.com/.


*Academic Subfields: Social History of Central America; Contemporary Latin America across race, class, and gender; and Radical traditions in 20th century Latin America.