Abrego, Leisy J., and Jennifer A. Cárcamo. “Misrepresented Insecurities: An Annotated Interview about Displacement and Resistance of Central America’s ‘Eternos Indocumentados’”. Latin American Law Review, no. 07 (2021): 123-142, doi:

Book Chapters

Cárcamo, Jennifer A (forthcoming). “Honoring our Migrant Mothers, the Domestic Workers: Salvadoran Student-Community Organizing in California”. Engendering U.S. Central American Women’s Testimonios. Edited by Karina Alma, Alicia Ivonne Estrada, Ester Hernandez, and Yajaira Padilla (Los Angeles, 2023).

Cárcamo, Jennifer A (forthcoming). “Fuimos Muchxs: Young women and queers in the post-cold war Salvadoran student movement in California.” Centroamérica 1989: 30 Years, 30 Reflections. Edited by Aleksander Aguilar Antunes, Carmen Elena Villacorta, Esteban de Gori, Enrique Ochoa, and Mercedes Seone (O-Istmo: Articulación Centroamericanista, 2023).

Cárcamo, Jennifer A. (forthcoming) “Por un cine imperfecto en el siglo 21: Understanding Contemporary Cuban cinema through ephemera from the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry.” An Undisciplined Look at Cuba. Edited by Mrinalini Tankha, Christina Garcia, and Yairamaren Roman Maldonado. (Rutgers University Press: UC-CUBA Edited Volume, 2023).

Book Reviews

Cárcamo, Jennifer. “Poets and Prophets of Resistance: Intellectuals and the Origins of El Salvador’s Civil War (Review).” NACLA, 7 Aug. 2020.,

Selected Creative Writing

Cárcamo, Jennifer A (forthcoming). “¿Estás feliz, mija?: A Salvi Queer Coming Out Tale.” CentroMariconadas: A Queer and Trans Central American Anthology. Edited by Maya Chinchilla. (Los Angeles: Kórima Press, 2023). Print.

Cárcamo, Jennifer A. “She Reminds Me.” Lines of Velocity: Words that Move. By Keren Taylor. Los Angeles, CA: WriteGirl, 2007. 200-201. Print.

Cárcamo, Jennifer A. “Moments.” Growing up Girl: An Anthology of Voices from Marginalized Spaces. By Michelle Sewell. Washington, DC: GirlChild, 2006. 264-265. Print.

Cárcamo, Jennifer A. “Memoria de mis Abuelitas.” Nothing Held Back: Truth and Fiction from WriteGirl. By Keren Taylor. Los Angeles, CA: WriteGirl, 2005. Print.

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